What I want (how I define success)


What I am ok without

"You can't be successful at everything. We hear a lot of talk about work-life balance. Nonsense. You can't have it all ... any vision of success has to admit what it's losing out on, where the element of loss is." ~ Alain de Botton.

Why I want it (what are my motivations)

"... a lot of the time, our ideas of what it would mean to live successfully are not our own. They're sucked in from other people ... from the television ... marketing, etc. These are hugely powerful forces that define what we want and how we view ourselves." "We are highly open to suggestion."
"We should focus in on our ideas, and make sure that we own them; that we are truly the authors of our own ambitions. Because it's bad enough not getting what you want, but it's even worse to have an idea of what it is you want, and find out, at the end of the journey, that it isn't, in fact, what you wanted all along."
"Let's make sure our ideas of success are truly our own."