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  • Born: January 31, 1982 (in Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Education: Attended Monash University, Melbourne, Australia 2003 - 2004 (Software Engineering) | Dropped out to get a sales job
  • Interests: Rebecca, the Internet, Marketing, Social Psychology, Sales, Philosophy, Data Vizualization, Finance, Climate, Getting us Back to The Future, Coffee

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Brief Auto-Biography (sales caterred)

(a slightly longer one here) The birth of a Definite Optimist


I grew up in South Africa on an outskirt of Johannesburg called Roodepoort which in the '90s was growing rapidly out over the surrounding hills and veld. Mom, a draftswoman and real estate agent, met dad, a precision machinist, among friends in Joburg's little subset of the larger global community of Polish expats who'd left stagnating, communist Poland in search of new lives abroad. I'm told I spoke Polish first but can remember speaking English almost as early, then learned Afrikaans at school.

 and maxed out our 486-based computer on fantasy games and 3D CAD software. 


I was 13 in 1995 when segregation at my  of Apartheid ended at my primary school and the internet arrived. The New South Africa was beautiful and promissing but also turbulent and my parents, having taken their chances once before, decided to move again. On April 2nd, 2001 we arrived in Perth, Australia. I was 19.

After a lot of waitering in my teens, my first tie and collar gig was a traineeship in office and business administration at a drafting bureau that also sold Autodesk software on Mill Point Road, South Perth. I loved it. Here I met my first great sales teacher Kaye Green who showed me that selling is giving, and you must beleive in what you sell.

By 2004 we lived in Melbourne where Dad would start the sheetmetal fabrication business he still runs today. I long enjoyed computers but dropped out of a Software Engineering degree at Monash University to continue a full-time job I'd just got selling laser printer cartridges over the phone. By day, this boiler room operation near the university  sold its wares to businesses Australia-wide, but when my shift began at 5pm our target market became the UK. 

Aside from our desks, phones, pens and chairs still warm from the day just, were some tall steel cabinets filled from top to bottom with big, dog-eared Yellow Pages phone directories - covering what seemed like every part of the United Kingdom. K international aspect of this: the lovely variety of accents and dispositions of the dozens Brits I'd speak to each evening. I also loved the of people I'd over the phone quant diversity of rapport other than desks and phones, all we had by I was good at it, in pat because. Schools and libraries. 

My first trip to the United States was for a week of sales training in July 2005 at Wilson Tool International in White Bear Lake, Minnesotta, whose industrial tooling I sold to engineers and tradespeople at Melbourne's metal fabrication shops. I enjoyed the product and the people very much but I was also feeling the pull of the bright lights and promise of upward mobility of the corporate world. The following year I joined a big bank in the heart of the city.

As the financial crisis of 2008 erupted I had just completed my training in financial planning - the selling of managed investments and insurance along with financial advice tailored to the customer's individual needs. I  got to meet some very wealthy as well as some very challenged people from all walks, and I held dear the picture I had sold myself of what financial planning was, or could be. But around me the facts didn't reflect my fictional ideal. 
 I also joined a committee 

I wasn't very good at it.

I love people

Zig Ziglar said that integrity was the most important thing in any career and defined it as telling "the truth all the time".  
All through 2008 as asset markets plummeted dessemating down the bank's globally diversified portfolios, we could have told our customers the truth: until this clear trend reverses, you're better off holding cash that riding it out in our portfolios. But we didn't, because the bank generated most of it's wealth renevues from management fees on these tanking portfolios, not from cash investments, and from the perspective of shareholders, even half the revenue generated on portfolio assets of half the size is beter than none. 

I realised then that sales alone won't cut it: business models and supply chain structures mattered. I lost my love of the suit quit the bank in January 2010 and started my own business. messed around and experimented a lot

At about the same time I'd gotten interested in Climate Change. 2012


I later solar systems. I was very good at it.   



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What Martin     Is Now


I'm new in America and furiously watching the West Wing
Rebecca and I just got married and settled in Boston, MA. Prior I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 14 years prior to now where I sold investments with a lacquer of financial advice at a big bank, through the financial crisis. 

The record that most coloured my youth was Sunday 8pm by Faithless.



34 now
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What I'm Doing Now


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